2 Pineapples for Twofers

Know what's the best?
A few things:

double cheez-its (in particular, slightly burnt DCIs)
two chips encasing each other within a curl
triple-nut peanuts
Siamese Gummi Bears
Uncleaved Jelly Bellys (ies?)

Why? Why do we love edible anomalies? Because they look better, taste better, and resoundingly prove that you can be an errored deviation of your type and, as such, be viewed as far more fun than the prototype. Unfortunately, siamese twins don't seem to have the same mass appeal. Huh. Riddle me that.

I do have a point.
Ready, go:

Hey there Keebler Elves,

If you sold limited edition boxes of fuck-up cheez-its, I would totally buy many boxes. And I would go so far as to say that I would pay up to a dollar more per box.

It's true,


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