12 Pineapples for the Paper Lamb Vaudeville Web Patrol

A'ight, so you've all heard how AOL sort-of-maybe, well, missed the boat on making AIM into a social networking portal like MySpace... But now they're doing some major magical backpedalling and "developing a MySpace killer," which is actually just some talky-talky code for "we're getting around to doing what we likely should have done 3 years ago." But hell, perhaps I'm wrong and the new AIM Pages features will blow MySpace off the map and I'll feel all sheepish and shruggy.

Well, the debate is actually pointless anyway... because I have a better MySpace weapon. It's called a freakish paperdoll vaudevillian lamb. And it sings like the guy on Masterpiece Theatre sings... well, if he, uh, sang.

::12 pineapples for the snarky Shari Lewis revival puppet dance thing.


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