15 Pineapples for Hot & Tidy Computing

I have nothing against Microsoft; in fact, I have nothing against Microsoft. Did I just repeat myself? Perfect. I meant to.


But, I never miss an opportunity to dig my superfluous nails in to all things superfluous. Augmenting my comments regarding the SpikeTV website, this parody (that I'm about to show you) reminds me why my ibook makes me feel calmer than a hot stone massage in a wheatfield. Small, thin, clean, neat, user-friendly, and incredibly sexy; yes, my ibook is the pre-baby Britney of consumer electronics.

On the other hand, let's all take a look at what Apple branding would look like if Microsoft got its over-tattooed and muddlecluttery hands all over it:

If you're cool and strong enough to have a google account, click here.

If you resemble Brendan Fraser in Encino Man (sad, washed up, and mummified), click here (while kicking yourself mercilessly along your shinbones).

The goog link may actually work for everyone, but I can't check it because I am inherently too technologically advanced.

If I'm going to spend 82% of this post licking Apple's balls, I should also admit that the hos and bros of Wall Street have sorta not been.

And, while I'm on topic of the Intel-fed Mac Mini, I rabidly encourage you to check out Grant McCracken's take on their new(-ish) ad campaign. He calls it branding brilliance; I call him correct.


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