13 Blinky Crabapples for Analysts' Screeching Tires

Google has once again monopolized the newswires, ever since CFO George Reyes made the mistake(?) of stating that GOOG's zippy-cheetah growth may be slowed to, say, "fast."

In honor of the bumrush of stockholders and analysts who found it necessary to un-barn the horses of the apocalypse (while jumping off their ponies into a mollycoddley haystack), I think we should all buy these lovely Google blinky pins. Because if there's anything in this world that won't make you look like a complete toolbox, I believe it would be this.

And if you have an extra 3 grand to play around with (like me), I urge you to snaggle a Google Mini. And then show me how the hell it works.

And while I'm at it:
Who wants to take a stab at how many of these marvy pieces of shit can be found among the MIT dorms?

And hey- wanna see the best piece of technology I've seen since I learned how to use my mouth?
Everybody say a friendly welcome to the wine jukebox.


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