11 Pineapples for Don Zimmer at Twenty-Two

In obligatory follow up to my post about the joys of graphite chewing gum, Adrants unearthed this dazzler of an ad campaign from a hole-in-the-wall [ye olde] card shop[pe]. Love the campaign; floored by the exponential growth of Zimmer's noggin.

In other news... call your friends and old babysitters-- mobile marketing will become mainstream by '08. Mark your calendars. I'm going with somewhere around May 6th.

In other other news, the push for "personalized news" is on, y'all. The quotes are with due purpose, fellas.
But... but... what if I don't want to order something off the 99-cents [news] menu?

Brackets... too many... I know... and I apologize.


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