Unlimited Pineapple Confetti for a Match Made in Airspace: The Abridged Non-Anxiety-Inducing Version

Out with the old media and in with the new, right?


Check this out: a bad-ass company based in Lexington, MA called Mobot has elegantly thrown print media and interactive media in the same bed. Do they get along? You bet your ass they do.

Mediapost explains the marriage most clearly:
[note: If memory serves, you'll have to register to enter the site fully, but do it. Mediapost is magnifico! And I'm willing to bet that they have a free dl of Jessica's Superbowl Pizza Hut 'mercial.]

"...ellegirl will become the latest publication to offer marketers the ability to reach readers via mobile phone, using a technology created by Mobot. Readers will be able to use their camera phones to take photos of ads they're interested in and instantly send the digital images to Mobot, which will send them back promotions and information, such as locations where the products are sold, coupons, or free sample offers. [They also get entered in an ellegirl contest each time they "submit" an ad.] This approach to digital print may sound familiar to survivors of the dot-com crash who remember Digital Convergence Corp., a once-hot Web player that developed the CueCat, a computer modem-like device that Internet-connected readers could use to scan codes in an ad or editorial content in a magazine to receive more information via the Web.

The next generation of digital print will come via a new 'magnetic ink' technology that can literally print a microchip on a magazine or newspaper page, which can interact instantly with electronic devices nearby.

...[or] ask the folks at Coca-Cola Co. or Carat Interactive about the 'billboard' they erected in New York's Times Square. They call it a 'digital interactive portal.' It's capable of communicating directly to consumers via cell phones and over the Web, and adjusting its content accordingly."

Doubtful? Freaking out? Think it's intrusive?

No. Nope. Maybe, but I'm a'ight...
Nonethess, I felt better about feeling good after reading Maura Welch's Boston.com business blog. Welch formerly worked for Mobot, so, while certainly a bit biased, she lays down the stats nicely: "A study reveals that participants' purchase intent and aided recall of advertisers increased 14 to 33 percent. And 96 percent of contest participants said they were likely to engage with similar promotions. Another company, NextCode, has advertisers add a unique sequence of printed squares that a phone cam can read to trigger the same kind of marketing."

I totally, totally dig it. Yes, I'm at advertisers' mercy, but I feel a little bit more opted-in.
Go ahead, blitz me. I brought my umbrella because I told it to rain, and, yes, I'll probably still get wet. But maybe not so soaked that I'll have to change my clothes?

And, speaking of cameraphones, thanks E for snapping a lovely pic for me of the Bambi 2 billboard on Comm Ave(?). I am pleased as punch to report that there is no image of Bambi's dead mom anywhere in the adspace. That Disney corp is just so darn tactful.

***Yup, I removed the pic because it was spurring server chaos. Moo.***

And to mollify the masses-- I just watched Kristen Cavalleri guest hosting ET on MTV (gotta love meta-meta-media), and she was actually darn good. Get This Party Started starts this Tuesday as we throw a party for Hurricane Katrina victims in Vegas. Really though... nothing says "let's rebuild your life" like three-card.


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