90 Pineapples for Fresh Funky Fierce Fairy Faces

I think I'm back.

Fricking thank God, because it's rumored that Kristen Cavalleri is dating Ashley Olsen's ex-boy Scott Sartiano. My source? Hollywood Rag. Viable? I say, "oh hell... sure."

Jesus, I feel so much better. I was positively aching having to hold onto that knowledge for a whole damn day.

AND AND AND... promo pics of the new gals of ANTM 6 are out!!!

The UPN mainpage pic reminds me of the Britney perfume commercial in the forest with the guy-that-looks-like-KFed-but-isn’t; she shoots him with an arrow and breathily voiceovers some crappy copy and they embrace and it’s all very clearly quite stupid. This is like that-- uncomfortably fairytastic --except that the girls are wearing even less clothing, and most of it is made out of (kinda mutey-dull?) peach shades of taffeta and chiffon. I would prefer the girls in a rich green and the backdrop in light corals, but they didn’t ask me. Not sure why.

Check out the Tinkerbell Powder Room promo shot and the ANTM trailer here.

Have a pre-game fave-o?

I do. Middle row, far right. A little Scarlett, a shot of Jessica Alba, and some general doe-eyed waifness. Alternately, I enjoy top row, second from the left. In that pic at least, she looks somewhat like a sultrier, younger Debra Messing. And if they give that red-haired girl next to my favorite girl long, black, wavy hair-extensions, I could give her a holla, too. We'll just have to see, won't we?

Starts March 8th. I'm keeping an eye out for clear rhinestoned heels, feather-trimmed wings, and a matching magic wand to wear for the premiere. If I can get them without going into a sketchy shop off the far-reaches of the Orange Line, all the better.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

middle row far LEFT. you can do far too much with her hair to not have her in the top 2 or 3.

3:14 AM  

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