68 Pineapples for MXC's Wet Logs and Floating Stones

A single headline caught my eye today amidst the bottomless mug of media feeds that popple into my inbox each day.

Google Launches Algorithmically-Based French Pony?

No. But close.

Comedy Central Animates 'Samurai Love God' for Mobile

The Daily Show's Ed Helms (holla to comedycentral.com for the marvy portrait) will give voice to the "sexually-charged samurai hero," while Jenna Jameson will play his playmate. Casting sounds apt.

The shock value here, on my end at least, is that this wasn't launched by SpikeTV. Is it me, or is this show a precise 50/50 blend of Most Extreme Elimination Challenge (now called MXC, btw) and Stripperella?

As an aside, the SpikeTV website is so crowded and multimedia-cluttered that my ears began to leak rocket fuel immediately upon entrance. Even after I muted it, I was still yelling "no. seriously. shut up." because the colors and logos were heckle-dancing like dirty mind thieves.

45 pineapples to Comedy Central for giving Ed Helms another gig;
33 crabapples to SpikeTV for a website that reminds me of a screaming child who just let go of his balloon and dropped his ice cream cone in the same minute;
but, 68 redemptive pineapples to MXC for the challenge where the contestants skip along the fake rocks that drop into the water. Really... elemental bliss.

Also, can someone please confirm that Cheney's guest quarters are really called Uncle Tom's House? Check out the last paragraph on the 3rd page of this Newsweek article. (Thanks Dependable Renegade)


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