28 Pineapples for Swift and Slick Canine Urination Patterns

That little Sirius doggie is earning his bones.

Along with his puppy playmates Webcast and Podcast (Webby and Poddy, if you will), Sirius seems to be smelling the asses and biting the floppy ears of media mogulaires everywhere, unapologetically and with a cute lil’ tail wag.

"Woof, woof, evidence?” you arf.

Well, then: Business Week reports that audience numbers for the Big Tres are down 18% from a decade ago, while that right-wing propaganda montage that Fox cheekily calls "news" slumped 14% in their most recent quarter; even CNN took a 5% dive.

To Rupert Murdoch and friends, I say this: watch where you lift your leg to pee; that there Sirius pup is adroitly marking his territory.


Anonymous E said...

Sirius rocks. Sometimes a little overwhelming - much like digital cable (Law & Order...Project Runway, Law & Order...Project Runway) - it is refreshing to actually have to take a moment and consider what to listen to.

I saw hell yea and hot damn for lots o speech.

11:46 PM  

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