22 Pineapples for Stayin' High n' Dry

It's official.

Bed-wetting has gone online.

Thanks to Kate (as opposed, of course, to Kate), I got the inside scoop on 360Kid's soon-to-be-released wet sheet extravaganza! It's so secret that I can't even link you to it until it goes live, so you must be good and patient even though you are probably dying inside.

The concept is this-- Incontinent little dweebos earn virtual chili peppers for every night that they don't pee the bed. They can then use these chilis to play fun online games that take place in the desert.

Get it? Dry sheets. Like a desert.
Kiddie metaphors are so great.

Next, I would like to see similar games marketed to the geriatric set on the Depends or Vesicare website.

Now, can someone please visit that Vesicare site and tell me why an anorexic RTD2 is pushing overactive bladder drugs?
Old people metaphors are so elusive.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

the robots are made of pipes... its plumbing metaphor... and peeing yourself is wicked funny at any age. what a great assignment for some junior ad exec... 'Smith, work on the peeing yourself campaign. Make it funny, but, you know, tasteful.'


1:25 PM  
Anonymous Katers said...

Oh, AND there was a controversy for a while on whether the main character, Cal, who is a cactus, should be waering pants. The issue being if he wets himself and has pants on, do you then show a stain in the crotchical area? Or do you be unrealistic and show nothing?

The executive decision was made to have Cal wear pants, but not show a wet spot. Although if I were the executive, I think I would elect to stain things. And have the stain grow.

10:23 AM  
Blogger kate.d. said...

'Smith, work on the peeing yourself campaign. Make it funny, but, you know, tasteful.'

laughed out loud right there.

10:49 AM  
Blogger m said...

This is "Smith."

I wish I was a junior account ex but I am but an aging copywriter.

You were right. Its an internal plumbing metatphor.

2:24 PM  

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