16MB of Pineapple Chunks for Widgets

I am a mac user.

As such, I know that widgets are magic and that I love them.

For those of you who are not mac users and do not know the full glory of widgets, I will tell you.

Widgets are like little squirrels with furry cheeks full of information and fun. You can change them every day or every hour or never. And each time you turn on your computer, it is a new experience, ripe with fresh news and weather and recipes and stock/Simpson's quotes. When you want to rid yourself of the baubly clutter, you just close your dashboard, and your clean desktop reappears. I tell ya: love.

If widgets had tails and ate dogfood, I would prefer them over the yellow lab that I'm jonesing for.

I took a screenshot for y'all so you can check this shit out.
[It's sorta difficult to see, but the bottom left is wikipedia, the stamp thing is my gmail inbox counter, and the rest is highly-switchable jouissance-- like, um, weather.]

Neat, clean, bold, ever-new, and info-packed. Honestly, does it get any better?

Give me comfy clothes and a fireplace and I'd say, nope.


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i never wanted to hear that word again after grad school. damn you!!

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