12 Scoops of Pineapple Sorbet for Locamoda. In a cone. With rainbow sprinkles.

I was already glowy and aflush over Mobot, and then I find Locamoda, based out of Somerville, MA. All this cool new media boomshakalaka happening in my own backyard! My eyes definitely haven't been open enough... must be that liquid eyeliner I bought online.

So Locamoda takes the Mobot model and completes the media circuit in a trippy WOM-but-IYF (in yo' face) kinda way. They call it "the world's first in-location blogging platform for The Web Outside." Now, consumers not only interact with ads, but they interact with other consumers who are also interacting with the ads. While the Mobot set-up brings together consumers and advertisers, Locamoda constructs a multidimensional conversation among consumers interested in a certain product, event, or venue. Even people not at the mediated event can portal in remotely and share the experience with those who are. [need an example?]

Can I call it buzz-blogging? I sure can.
Can I call it sweet? Yup.

Steve over at Adrants announced today that two Boston venues will be Locamoda-ized for Val-Day tomorrow:
Toscanini's Ice Cream in Cambridge and Good Time Emporium (over by that sketchy Somerville movie theatre and my old gym that smelled like old, sweaty garlic bread and cats).

The Good Time Emporium may not see my face ever, but Toscanini's?
Like I need an excuse to get ice cream... HA.


Anonymous Stephen Randall said...

Thanks for the pineapples! Did you know that just down the road to you, you could have a scoop of your favorite (Tosci) ice-cream at Someday Cafe - where (if the friendly staff remember to turn it on) you can Wiffiti to the screen and sip a frothy late.

7:17 PM  

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