I've been handing out too many mulligans lately...

so I can't give one to theo.... yet.

I'll wait until his full statement next week. Then we can all reconvene. You know where to find me.

I know that I said out loud (to many people with solid memory-capacities) that I would be livid if he walked... and then walked back.
But I may need to throw around my mully power if the delegation of tasks between TE and LL seems logical; as in, all decisions regarding baseball proper are tossed to Theo (you know... the nitty-gritty... like, "strategy," and, like, "mining through buckets of stones to unearth a Dave Roberts-v.2.0"). And if he admits that the gorilla suit thing was retarded. And if he gets off his cell phone for four consecutive seconds.

FYI- Theo majored in American Studies at Yale, so it can (and will) be posited that he has upped interest in said program directly and indirectly, thereby lowering my already eentsy-weentsy chances of getting in; and i can't say that I don't hold irrelevant grudges.

but hey-- lookie, lookie -- we kinda have some semblance of a bullpen, too.

Mully pending.


Blogger kate.d. said...

i am shallow...i just miss his pretty face.

10:41 AM  

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