2 Crabapples for Not Shutting Up About Google

I admit it-- my current obsession with Google's acquisitions (and subsequent stock value fluctuations) is starting to take over my life. But I've also had periods in my life where I was utterly absorbed by, say, soy chicken nuggets... or...umm... my eyelashes. So this curious stroll around the Google block ain't half-bad.

I have crap to do tonight, so I can't be as self-indulgent as usual, but I do want to bring up one mini tid-bit. The Bloomberg feed tells me this (like how I say that so breezily, like I own one?)...

Frank Husic of Husic Capital Management in San Fran says of Google, "The growth prospects are so relatively open-ended.''

Relatively. Open. Ended. Hmm. And America is relatively democratic. I love when people say words.

Hey- I'm not saying that to be linguistically catty or blow snot-rockets at men who have more money in their jeans pocket than I do in my bank account. But I'm willing to wag my tongue out the window and say that, in a business, media, or...what shall i call it?...societal (said with an exaggerated eye roll and hair flip like it, like, means something) sense, nothing having to do with Google is "relative."

Because if it's relative to every damn thing ever, then it just is.

Before I continue on with a soggy, foggy, and --heck-- groggy Existential manifesto, I'll press the publish button. No one wants to read a rant so folded in upon itself that it begins to resemble corduroy. And that would be all I have to give you tonight; it is, of course, Tuesday.

Go watch yo'self some Scrubs. Zack directed the 9 o'clock episode himself.
Oh, and I'm not ready to talk about Theo yet. The mulligan awaits.

shit-- one more thing-- an AP report just hit the wires saying that UPN and the WB will shut down and will be used to launch a new network. I can't go into it now, but if America's Next Top Model is taken away from me, there will be tears. Vengeful, vengeful tears.


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