12 pineapples for learning stuff

**There was a photo right here yesterday. I took the it out while I decide if it's a bad idea.**

as much as I buck and pull--- I finally got my ass in gear this morning and learned how to take stills with my movie cam. So I set it up in my huge studio and had a fantastic photo shoot filled with tulle, crepe, gossamer, and -of course- faux beaver pelts. I ordered people around and requested half-caf chai tea and Baked Lay's and gasped dramatically when they pulled my corset too tight for the Victorian montage in the dandelion field.

actually, I struggled with cords and downloads for four hours and then got frustrated that the world-at-large hates Mac users (and, in this case, namely, me) and finally figured it out after obviously taking it as a personal masterstroke against my intelligence and then put the camera on my desk atop an upsidedown coffeecup and tried to look not-totally-dumb and pressed the button and hoped that my head was somewhere in the shot erstwhile concealing my not-so-new T-shirt from the Barcelona Olympics because I couldn't see what I was doing because I, like, live alone.

I'm dying to write about dead people getting their nails done, but that'll have to wait until tomorrow.

12 Pineapples for Critical Fluff enhanced with original photos! You all best watch your backs.


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