1 Mulligan for the West Virginian Wannabe

This morning, my brain got sad. My brain got sad because the first story that it ate up from the local NBC news was the fact that a 16 year-old kid was shot by police because he tried to rob a liquor store and then tried to run over cops with his car.

That much is fine.

What bothered me was how they framed the news story. The newsguy says "the teen, who went to the junior prom last year with his cousin, was shot and killed by the troopers..." Wait, what now? Come on, fuckers, why do you need to tap on the inbreeding shit? Like: oh, see... the punk-ass lad is troubled, so he was obviously a threat to society. Listen, I don't care if the kid fucks his sister and his tabby cat; that's not really the point here, now is it?


On an unrelated note, I have made a personal vow to pass on some important buzz about Kristen Cavallari. Ready? Cool.
She is slated to guest star on Veronica Mars in early February as a closeted lesbian cheerleader.
Love. It.
Also, Kristen's hosting gig on UPN's new "Get This Party Started" premieres on February 7th at 9. And she is supposedly playing a pretty substantial role in an upcoming Al Pacino flick. The girl, the girl, the girl is on fire. Her agent definitely does not fuck around... or his sister.


Because my radio at work only tunes into top 40 (or, at least, that's what I tell people), I am "forced" to listen to poppycocks like James Blunt. I actually think I might have a thing for him. He sings that "You're Beautiful" song, and he sounds like the guy that sang "The Blower's Daughter" (aka the soundtrack to the opening sequence of Closer). He's all affected and angsty and floaty, and I either love him or want to punch him. I'm leaning towards heavy liking, which is akin to heavy petting, but on a purely emotional level.

There is also this song by The All-American Rejects that I can't stop humming. I'll keep you my dirty little secret, dirty little secret, dirty little secret... Adultery made hip n' cool. Duuude. So rad.


Remember when Baby Jessica fell down the well?


Anonymous Katers said...

OK firstly, LOVE JAMES BLUNT. I can't help it. weepy boys are just swooney.
And I was so obsessed with baby jessica...how old was I? Like 9? 8? I have no idea...but I remember being so so scared and amazed by that story--also because it happened to baby Carrie, too.
(Sistah, only you know what I'm talkin 'bout!)

8:21 PM  

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