WNTW: Two Pineapples for Stacey London

Today I learned that Stacey London from TLC's What Not To Wear graduated PBK from Vassar College with a degree in German Lit and Philosophy, that her mom is a romance novelist, and that she is a two-pack a day Camels smoker ("but is one of those smokers that only takes, like, two puffs and then throws it away"). [Thank you, answerbag.com.] I also learned that "She gets up, and will eat a bagel. If she feels good about herself, she'll indulge by also ordering some spread on her bagel as well."

a. How do you know that, Answerbag poster? [also: you are scary.]
b. What kind of spread?

This will be short, considering that my obvious aim is to even up the crabapple, mulligan, and pineapple tallies because I'm OCD like that.
So, for not making me want to punch you in the face when you say "shut. up." (and saying it with a more infectious tonal pattern than Kristen Cavellari), and for always finding classic ways to "disguise problem areas" and "work with one's body shape" - two pineapples. Now go nab yo'self some strawberry cream cheese, girlfriend.


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