Laguna: One Mulligan for Talan

And I quote: They began dating a relatively short period of time ago. It would be in the category of weeks as opposed to months...

So says Elliot, Kim Stewart's rep.

I have three questions for Talan:

1. Was the engagement rooted in the fact that Morgan wouldn't sleep with you?
2. Was the engagement rooted in the fact that you so obviously slept with Kristen and really liked it and assumed that all hot blonde rich girls would provide comparable experiences?
3. Did your rep make you do it?: "Really, Tal, you're going to spend all that money on amps and music equipment? Really really? OOOOHHHH, look at these pretty, shiny, f-ing gigantic rings that hot girls like!"

One clarification in this whole situation came from the MTV website. Talan's profile lists his "mood" as "flirty." Oh right-right, okay.

[As an aside - the concept of eternal mood stasis? Brilliant.]

I'm not mad at you, Talan. Not at all. Which is, of course, why I am bestowing this honor upon you...

Without further adieu, for giving us something neat to talk about other than why you should never get a record deal even though you have a terrific ass (dude, the fashion show performance was televised... we fricking know), and for somehow actually being able to have "conversations" with J-Wol, you get my very first Mulligan. Hoorah!

Additionally, Kimberly gets two pineapples for repeatedly wearing horizontal stripes and still looking skinny.


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