Another Cobbler

...Cobbler cobbler...not like the shoe guy cobbler.

The disjointed list form is working for me at this point, so I'm going with it until something can hold my interest for a solid paragraph.

1. Colin Farrell has checked himself into rehab for exhaustion and an addiction to back pain meds. I would be tired too if I had a grab bag of VDs and smoked weed on my lunch break; I would hazard to say that I wouldn't give a shit either. Not that I don't think he's cool, I'm just saying...
2 get-well pineapples and a half-bottle of Vioxx. And maybe some antibiotics for that rash... while I'm being nice and all.

2. All 4 of the Desperate Housewives were nominated for a Golden Globe this morning. Although I'm not a huge fan of the show, I'm pleased. I've liked Teri since her Lois and Clark days, Eva is just so cute and small and cute, Marcia touches on the OCD side of me, and Felicity is the underdog... for being just-thiiiis-side-of-beautiful in a cast of absurdly hot people.
4 pineapples, to be fair, and an extra chunk for Teri since she once made-out with Dean Cain on a regular basis.

3.Sheryl Crow is on the cover of Shape this month. I'm having trouble deciding whether to say, "oh, good for you," or "your boyfriend really gave you no choice but to work out." A mulligan as a place-holder until I pick a side.

I totally can only muster 3 tonight. Lame? Lame.


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